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Diabetes 101

Discover the basics of diabetes with Diabetes 101. In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about diabetes, from its signs and symptoms to its potential complications. Explore the key risk factors and physiological targets of diabetes, and gain the knowledge you need to manage this condition with confidence. Whether you’re newly diagnosed or looking to refresh your knowledge, Diabetes 101 is the perfect place to start your journey to better health!

Diabetes 102

Are you ready to take control of your diabetes management? In this course, you’ll discover how the foods you eat and the activities you enjoy can help you manage your blood sugar levels. You’ll also explore the various medications available for diabetes and learn how they work to keep you healthy. With Diabetes 102, you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence you need to live your best life with diabetes.

Hypertension 101

Explore the essentials of hypertension in Hypertension 101. In this course, you’ll uncover what hypertension is, its types, and the diagnostic process. You’ll also recognize the subtle signs and symptoms that demand attention, delve into potential complications, and discover the proper technique for accurate blood pressure monitoring. Whether you’re new to hypertension or seeking to deepen your understanding, this course equips you with vital knowledge to manage and improve your cardiovascular health.

Hypertension 102

Dive deeper into hypertension management with Hypertension 102! You’ll unravel the power of the DASH diet and explore the crucial role of physical activity and weight management in effective blood pressure control. In this course, you’ll gain insights into medications utilized for hypertension management, the principle of ‘treat to target,’ and the optimal frequency for re-evaluating hypertension to stay on top of your health journey. Elevate your understanding and take charge of your well-being.